TY students in London.

CBS School Tour to London

TY 2017

By Aodha Hession

On Friday morning the 22nd of April 2017 Transition Year students and 5 teachers (Ms Gallagher, Ms Murphy, Ms Grennan, Mr Bracken and Mr Casey) had an earlier start than usual with a 1:15 am departure to Dublin Airport for a 6:35am flight to London Gatwick. The bus journey flew by and we arrived with plenty of time in Dublin Airport, so much time that we managed to eat some food, look in the shops, lose a passport, find the passport again just in time to make it to the gate safe and sound for the flight. The flight was quick and we were landed 15 minutes before the scheduled time. We were collected by bus from Gatwick and brought to our accommodation in South Kensington.

There was a quick turnaround and just as we settled in to the accommodation we were moving again to the National History and Science Museum which was just around the corner from where we were staying. After an hour inside viewing all the old artefacts and the new science exhibitions we got a tube to Piccadilly Circus and went to Ripleys Believe it or not to look at some “unbelievable” items and facts. After an hour or so in there we then had two hours shopping in the warm sunshine of 20 degrees in Piccadilly Circus. When we finished up shopping we went for dinner in Planet Hollywood. That night we made our way to the Lyceum Theatre to watch the world famous Lion King production. This concluded our first day of London touring and it was safe to say it was a long, tiring but enjoyable first day in the city.

After a much needed sleep we had our continental breakfast in the hotel although some lads were disappointed that there was no ‘daecent’ fry. To start off our second day in the city we made our way from the hotel to The Globe Theatre where we got a guided tour of the old historical building where Shakespeare’s famous plays once took place. After the Globe tour we got lunch and then made our way to the city cruises guided boat tour on the Thames where we took in all the famous sites of London such as The Tower Bridge, London Bridge, The Shard, The London Eye and Big Ben while cruising along the River Thames. We hopped off at Big Ben and crossed the Westminster Bridge and made our way into the London Dungeons. Here we enjoyed an interactive tour of the dungeons which was enjoyed and was a good laugh. After the dungeons we ate in Pizza Express and got a tube to Whitechapel where we got a tour which brought us along the area where the infamous serial killer ‘Jack the Ripper’. Prior to our tour we headed back to our hotel.  In the morning we packed our bags ate breakfast and departed our hotel on route for Thorpe Park. We arrived at Thorpe Park and like the other days we were very lucky with the weather as it was really warm. We stayed and enjoyed Thorpe Park for 5 or 6 hours where most of us managed to get on the big amusement rides. We then left Thorpe Park for Gatwick to catch our late flight home. We landed safely and after a quieter bus journey home than some of the other ones on our tour we reached our starting point and out tour came to a close in the later hours of 1:30. It was safe to say that each and everyone one of us enjoyed the tour and are very thankful to all who contributed to it.