Disability Workshop

Disability Workshop

TY students got to experience school life in a new light last week as they participated in an interactive disability workshop, given by Karen Burke and Yvonne Shaughnessy. The aim of the workshops was to demonstrate to students the daily challenges faced by people with physical disabilities. It also helped them to view disability in a more positive way as they realised that most people with physical disabilities were humorous, resilient and fun to be around.

There was certainly plenty of fun during the workshop, as students attempted to play football with the blindfolds on, and discovered that it was more challenging than they had expected!

Students were also given the opportunity to experience what life can be like in a wheelchair. They had to learn how to move and navigate them. They were surprised by how difficult this was at times, but learned that many people in wheelchairs are able to participate in a number of tough, competitive sports.

Many thanks to Karen and Yvonne for a fun, entertaining and informative workshop.