Cuckoo Hill Activity Visit

Cuckoo Hill Activity Visit

Last Thursday, a group of Transition Year students visited Cuckoo Hill Bootcamp, in Taughmacconnell, located between Athlone and Ballinasloe.  Cuckoo Hill is an activity centre which allows students to experience an original approach to overall fitness using the natural features of the landscape, working on such skills as speed, agility, stamina, speed endurance, strength, team building and rope flexibility.

When students arrived, they warmed up by running around a track. The first activity was to run through a nearby forest where there were homemade swings and obstacles. They then had to climb up a net to the top and make their way back down again. Shortly after this, they ran an obstacle course, crawling under nets and diving through tyres.

Later in the day, they did more team building exercises which included balancing a team member on two poles and carrying him for some distance. Activities like these were fun to take part in but also challenging.

After lunch was bog jumping, which was by far the dirtiest, but most enjoyable. Student had to run through dozens of bog holes as well as pulling themselves up the sides of steep rocky hills with a rope. Some bog holes were deep and muddy while others were shallow and just water. Towards the end of the bog holes they had to climb over and under different obstacles.

At the end students washed off in a pond and enjoyed tea and refreshments at the end of the day. It was a very enjoyable trip but also very physically challenging.

The students would like to say a big thank you to Tommie Costello and his mentors for a thoroughly enjoyable day.

By Mark Cox and Jack Murray