School Bank Team 2020

The CBS last week announced the launch of the Bank of Ireland school bank,and named the committee members who will run the bank within the school. The Bank of Ireland school bank is set up each year to encourage students to open accounts and utilise banking facilities such as online banking, ATM cards and Visa Debit cards. 

A rigorous interview process took place within the school over two days. The students selected were: Donnacha O’Dwyer (Manager), Sean Brennan (Assistant Manager), Evan Smyth (Marketing Manager), Diarmuid Hession and Sean Griffith (Sales Managers), David Reibisz, Eoghan O’Brien, Niall Shanagher (Customer Digi Advisors), Michael Devine and Ruairi Tiernan (Operations and Audit Advisors).  

The benefit of the school bank for students is that they will be better equipped to deal with their money in the future. The team have already set targets for the amount of accounts they hope will be open by the Easter break, and are already working hard in order to achieve these.