Fire Station Trip

Fire Station Trip

Last week, Transition year students went on a trip to Roscommon fire station and watched a demonstration of removing an injured person from a serious crash.  

The three firemen on duty began the visit by taking students on a tour of the station. At the rear of the station there were 3 fire trucks and an array of heavy duty equipment surrounding a vehicle. They explained to students that this was a mock crash scene, and the aim of the demonstration that they were about to see was to show how an injured person would be removed from a vehicle in the event of a car crash. 

The firemen started off by putting a shield against the passengers and breaking all the glass in the car. They then secured the vehicle with small stoppers to prevent the vehicle from rolling when they are cutting the car. Next, they removed the doors of the car with a large cutting tool. They done this as it would make it easier on them when they remove the person from the car. 

They then began to cut the pillars of the car that hold the roof on. They used the large cutting tool once more and they also used a consaw.  

After this they removed the roof and carried it clear of the vehicle. The three firefighters then stood into the vehicle – two of them held the stretcher while the other one lifted the dummy onto the stretcher to finish the demonstration. They got a huge round of applause from students.  

Overall, it was a very fun experience, we learned a lot about our local fire station and the hard work that is put in by the local people in the community to work there.  (article by Oisin Egan)