Bulletin for Parents – Thursday March 19th 2020

Dear CBS Parents and Guardians,


We never thought we would be out of school trying to get on top of distance learning and virtual classrooms.  But we are doing well in this regard – on line classrooms are causing some giggles from our students and every student should be part of subject group.


In short, your son should be logging on to his Teams account and linking in with his subject teacher and receiving work or class notes and homework.   In a previous letter, that is available on the school website dated March 16th, it asks for the student to share his password with his parents as this will allow parents to check in on work assigned to him and his engagement with work assigned to him over the course of this school closure.  Please make sure that has happened as there are still a number of students not logging on to get their work from their teacher.


3rd year Mock reports are available on VS ware and here you can see what areas your son needs to focus on. My advice is to compare grades and comments with your son’s November assessments and see what areas he needs to focus on. REVISION IS KEY!


Wellbeing and Staying Fit


All of our thoughts are for the wellbeing of everyone nationally and globally. However, it is perfectly understandable that our thoughts turn to school, especially for our students. We know schools are shut until 29th March. The reality is that this will, more than likely, continue beyond that date. We must take care of our physical and mental wellbeing in this time of uncertainty. We need to ensure we exercise, eat healthily and maintain our usual routine (such as bedtimes and the time we wake and start our day). Follow a routine similar to the school day in terms of 8.55am start, with breaks inserted.


To our 6th year students:

The Department of Education are working on contingency plans. They are a sensible bunch and they will put student needs first in their solutions. Their plans will be fair and reasonable. There is no point speculating. Let’s wait to hear what those plans are, assess them and we will amend our own plans accordingly. Continue to work hard and your teachers will remain in contact. Remain active, make sure you exercise every day. Avoid social media. AVOID SOCIAL MEDIA.

I have put up a list of on-line resources for you on the school website – go to the tab SCHOOL  – a drop down menu will appear – click on RESOURCES.


For example: To aid all our students, especially exam years, CBS have negotiated a discounted price of €30 with The Maths Tutor.ie. If you wish to avail of this offer please follow the link below.




To our 5th years:

Take this as an opportunity to get your notes in order. Review what has been covered this year to date and follow all direction and instructions from your teachers.


Subject options and TY

Mr Mc Garry is setting up a group in Teams for those students who wish to move directly to 5th year in September OR who are not sure yet about doing TY. An email has been sent to all relevant 3rd year students. If you are definitely wishing to do TY you need do nothing more with this email….


For anyone else who wants to go directly to 5th year or is not sure…please see below!


  • I called a meeting on last Thursday morning for those 3rd yrs who want to go to 5th year directly ….so if you were absent, I missed you.


  • The purpose of the group activity is to inform students about subject choice and to inform me about what subjects you want to study.


  • So if you are reading this message and want to be included in the group please reply to my email stating that you wish to be included. I assume if you reply you have spoken with your Parent and or Guardian!


To our Transition years


Now is an opportunity to get all logbooks up to date, course work continuation and Gaisce activities completed (where possible) and preparations started on subject options research for entering Fifth year.


To our 3rd years:

Read what I have said to our sixth years. The exact same applies to you!  Your mock results are all collated now on VS and I would take on board all comments and observations from your teachers and use them as a basis for revision. Well done!

Again go to the Resources page under School on the CBS school website


To our 2nd years:

Now is the time to start reading, reading and more reading!  There are lot of books out there for you to indulge in.  See list of books under the First year tab on the school website.  There is plenty of choice and no excuse.


And to our 1st years:

Ms Buckley has put a page dedicated to you on the school website.  Go to SCHOOL and a drop down menu will appear – now click on the FIRST YEAR tab.


Finally, all pupils in schools are urged to practise social distancing, and to minimise physical contact with each other, to help avoid the spread of Covid-19. This should include minimising social contact, avoiding meeting up and keeping physical space between them. Parents and guardians are urged to support their children to maintain this approach.

I will end with a line from Seamus Heaney:

“If we can winter this out we can summer anywhere”

We shall remain in touch.

Very best wishes,

Fiona Gallagher