Monday March 16th – COVID-19: For All our Parents/Guardians and Students

In seeking out new perspectives and reaching outside of our comfort zones, we can discover more about ourselves.

The Covid-19 virus has caused unprecedented disruption to our normal routines and ways of living. As we work together through these difficult times, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your families. I urge you to keep yourselves safe and well in the coming weeks. By working together and heeding the advice of the medical professionals, we will get through this.

It is very important that you make the most of the next two weeks. I know that many students are anxious and in particular exam students regarding the loss of tuition time. Many of your teachers have already been using digital platforms and online resources with you in class and this will still continue. All staff have been working diligently setting up online class groups and will be communicating with you over the next two weeks regarding work.

It is very important that you ensure that you are logged into your school based email account and any other online platforms that teachers have been using with you such as Ms Teams, Onenote, Class Notebook so that you will see any notifications that teachers are sending you.

You may need to go into the device notification settings and make sure you have the Ms Teams notifications switched on.  Doing this will allow you to receive notification alerts when work has been posted.

For parents it is important that you get your son to share his school password with you. This will allow you to check in on work assigned to him and his engagement with work assigned to him over the course of this school closure.

You may need to go into the settings section of Teams on your device to ensure that you have notifications switched on so that you will get alerts when work has been posted.


The Importance of Structure

While the absence of teachers and your friends can make it more challenging to study I encourage you to persevere and give of your very best over the next two weeks.

As mentioned at assembly last Thursday we understand that while there will not be the same structure as a school day with formal classes being carried out, it is important that you put structure/timetable into your day at home.  Have a workspace set out for your studies and set aside time each day for work and taking exercise.

Aside from the work that is assigned to you, by teachers if time allows I would also suggest that you do some or all of the following:-

  • Revision notes for each of your subjects
  • Questions at the end of the chapters
  • Catch up on your workbooks
  • Complete any unfinished work in your copies.
  • Make use of online resources such as, for revision

3rd and 6th year Exam Students

I would also suggest that you complete lots of past exam papers, more copies are available on as well as marking schemes.

In preparation for oral and aural exams, you can record sound files on your phone and listen back or use websites such as Duolingo & listen to the radio stations in the language. e.g. Cadena dial in Spain.

  • Download the app. Duolingo is great for grammar practice.
  • They have a listening section also.


  • Clozemaster is a new site – very useful for grammar and sentence structure.
  • Also recommended Scoilnet, and – all with excellent resources for Oral Preparation.


  • Students have exam papers with CD’s that they can listen to.  They are also digitally available on so they can listen to them there also. This will really help aurally.
  • For French in particular TV5 monde is brilliant.
  • Study clix also has lots of resources on oral practice.
  • also has great resources for vocabulary & grammar too.

These are unprecedented times and the situation is unfolding by the day. I will update the school website with any information pertaining to academic studies and Department of Education and Skills updates.

Wishing you and your family a happy and safe St.Patrick’s Day and please take care and follow the guidelines as is being set out by the Department of Health.

Le gach dea-ghuί,

Fiona Gallagher