1 st, 2nd and 5th year Summer Assessments 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian,
There are 4 weeks left in the school term, our emphasis during this time will be on
connecting with our students, engaging them in their learning. During this time, we will
put an emphasis on revision and preparation for end of term assessments.

  • At this stage your son will have received notification that his summer assessments
    will begin the week of Monday May 18th.
  • Your son is expected to link in to TEAMS.
  • Teachers will follow up in the next few days by posting the specific dates and times
    through Office 365 and Teams to their class groups.
  • All parents should have access to their son’s TEAMS by asking him for his password
    to see work assigned by teachers and the work he has submitted to his teachers.
  •  VS ware – another important point of information regarding your son’s participation
    in his studies. Teachers in their respective subject(s) have recorded on VSware grades
    and comments regarding your son’s work.