Congratulations to CBS Roscommon Class of 2020

Congratulations to CBS Roscommon Class of 2020

‘Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.’ 


This is our last day together in CBS Roscommon. Today should be such a memorable day for you, full of reminiscences and nostalgia.  

As a class, you should be enjoying your last day together.  A lunch in your honour – hosted by your Year Head, Ms Murphy – would be taking place in the GP Room.  You would be sitting with your friends and teachers chatting and laughing about your memories of the CBS, and your plans for the future.   

Students and teachers would be busy with last minute preparations for your Graduation Mass, preparing booklets filled with prayers for your health and happiness, and rehearsing music and songs to celebrate your time in the school.  We would then be getting ready for a very special evening with you and your parents as guests of honour. You would all have come into the Ciaran Byrne Hall dressed immaculately, watched by your admiring families and proud staff. We would marvel at the wonderful young men you have become, perhaps becoming a little emotional as we thought of all the challenges you faced and sacrifices made to make it to this moment.    

We would offer our best wishes and timely words of wisdom but really it would be your vitality and energy that would have made the Graduation Mass so special.    I would have spoken at the end of the graduation mass for the last time to you and that would have been a very special and very heartfelt moment for me…  Next Aodha Hession would have addressed you as your Head Boy and have told a story or two of funny incidents that had happened over years!  And Kevin Fannon, Deputy Head Boy would have added to the story telling with a sense of humour and wit that only Kevin has.   

Mass would be very intimate and particularly meaningful and Fr Joe would celebrate the Graduation Mass with us and I have no doubt that Monsignor Travers would have been with you on your night.  It would be full of carefully chosen themes, readings, prayers, music and symbolism. It would be yours. The evening would have culminated with the announcement of the Student of the Year and the Victor Ludorum awards. At the end you would leave the Ciaran Byrne Hall like the first day you entered the hall – taller; mature and full of excitement – your rite of passage!  Our wonderful Parents’ Council would have the GP hall set up like a coffee shop with all sorts of cakes and goodies for you all before you made your way out the school to a local establishment!  

  So many experiences have been robbed from the class of 2020 and yet you will always be unique. Awards will happen in some form when restrictions are lifted and we will honour your achievements and your talents as you truly deserve. 

 Let me finish by saying with absolute sincerity that you were a truly wonderful year group.  Your teachers have all praised the work ethic, the camaraderie and the strength of character that characterised the Class of 2020. We wish you every blessing in your future lives. Look out for each other, stay in touch and remember the door of the CBS Roscommon will always remain open for you whenever you need us.  


Fiona Gallagher, Principal