School Lockers and Books

School Lockers and Books

From Monday June 8th students will be scheduled to come to the school on a set day and time to collect books; return locker keys and pick up any gear bags or school jackets.

A schedule will be posted on the website in the next week.  Please note the following:

·         You will need your locker key, a bag(s) for your belonging  and your own pen

·         Observe social distance requirements as you wait to be admitted.

·         Please  enter the school through the front door at reception only.

·         Sanitise your hands using the hand-sanitisers at the front entrance and observe social distancing for the short period you are in the school.

·         School personnel will be supervising this process to ensure the safety of all involved and you must follow their instructions .

·         When your locker is emptied of all belongings please check shelves and storage area for any other items that you own: Jacket, books, PE gear, etc.

·         If you have a school issued  locker key you will need to bring this with you. When you are  finished, leave the locker door open and place the key in the envelope provided and leave this with the supervisor.

·         If you use your own padlock, leave the locker door open and bring your lock home with you.

·         Please exit the school via the doors that exit onto the basketball courts.

·         Remember to sanitise your hands again as you exit the building.