Parent Bulletin –Thursday September 17th 2020

School Books and School Uniform

Dear Parents, Guardians & Students, Many thanks for your support as we navigate our way through the beginning of the school year without locker facilities. We appreciate that this can be very frustrating for staff, students and parents/guardians alike. Where possible every teacher is using e-books in the classroom and uploading work onto Office 365 to help avoid the need to have heavy textbooks and workbooks in class.

As we continue to work with staff and students to find effective methods of communicating what is required for class each day, we ask that from home parents and guardians please ensure that your son is not leaving for school with a heavy school bag. No student will be sanctioned for not having materials in class. During the week we have spoken to all students, in particular our 1st years, about managing school bags and reiterated the message that when in doubt about bringing certain books to school, always default to leaving them at home. We are encouraging the 1st and 2nd year students to bring an extra bag or plastic container and to place under their table with the books that they do not need that evening.

We trust that our senior students will manage to bring only the necessary materials to school but we can appreciate that our junior students may be apprehensive about not having all materials for class each day. Once again, please be assured that no student should be worried if without materials any given day. We will continue to keep in contact in regards to this matter and appreciate your concerns in regards to it.

School Uniform – New Compulsory School Jacket

CBS Roscommon takes pride in its uniform and its crest as it is part of the tradition of our school over the years.  We expect every student to be in full uniform. It is unacceptable that a student arrives to school in the wrong shoes or wears coloured hoodies.  As a school community this takes effort on everyone’s part and no student should be arriving to class in an eclectic mix of colours and designs.  Any item of clothing that is NOT part of the school uniform will be confiscated.

A new school crested jacket designed by Hunters in Cavan – similar to the existing navy jacket – can be purchased from Donnellans.  This jacket now includes a hood as the preferred option by parents. There is an early bird special of €55 if purchased on or before Tuesday September 22ND. I encourage students who do not have a school jacket to please purchase one.  There is no issue with students wearing the navy school jacket purchased last year.  Any other jacket/hoodie worn to school after the Tuesday September 22nd will be removed from the student.  We need your support and, allowing your son come to school in another jacket or shoes is not fair on those who are making an effort.  We are all in this together!

Academic Calendar Monday October 5th

Similar to last year we have pencilled in Monday October 5th as a day off for the school.  We are finalising details for our parent teacher meetings which at the moment will probably take the shape of a detailed progress report and exam result for our 3rd and 6th years on VS Ware.

6th years will begin the process of their Academic Review next week which will feed into their meetings with the 6th year Year Head and the Guidance Counsellor.

School Absence and School Notes

I want to thank you all for informing the school if your son is absent and or sick.  However, NO student has permission to leave the school unless a message is received by the school. This can be done by phoning the school secretary; a note from the parent and given to the Principal and or the Deputy Principal in the morning or by emailing the school  If no note or explanation is received it will be considered by the school and the teacher taking the roll that your son is absent – unexplained absence.  Discipline procedures will proceed if a student leaves the school without any explanation or message from home.  I appreciate your cooperation in this regard.

Code of Behaviour – Specific/new additions to our COB to incorporate Covid 19 Guidelines.

This appendix to our existing code of behaviour has as its foundation the health and safety our entire school community.  They are not intended to be punitive or restrictive but protective.  Any breach of the expectations set out in this Appendix are considered serious. In our school we have always enjoyed an excellent rapport between staff and students and now more than ever we need to adopt a ‘we are all together’ approach.  These measures will not be in place forever and we will emerge from this stronger and more appreciative of the things we have taken for granted.

The new additions will be available for parents and students on the school website under Information and Covid Return to School once ratified by the Board of Management.

Again I want to thank you most sincerely for your support and good wishes as we return to school.  As said to you before I have to applaud our young men for their cooperation and good humour through this challenging time.  They have shown true leadership and it is great to hear their voices back in our school again!


Le gach dea-ghuí,