Magical Mosaic for Edmund Rice Centre

Magical Mosaic for Edmund Rice Centre

Last week saw the unveiling of a new mosaic in the Edmund Rice Centre, designed and produced by students in the Edmund Rice Autism Centre, in collaboration with local artist Flin Keane. The mosaic is now an eye-catching centre piece in the school’s garden.  


Under Flin’s guidance, students learnt about the art of creating a mosaic – from initial concept in the design stage to working with the various materials used in the project.  


The design included student’s handprints around the world with the caption, “it’s in our hands “. Although the design was conceived in September 2019, it was felt that this was a truly relevant message in today’s environment.  The mosaic was due to be officially unveiled in March by the Childrens Ombudsman, however with the school closure, this could not happen.   


This project was a holistic art experience encompassing students in each phase of the journey.  We are very thankful to Flin for his dedication to this project and Roscommon County Council for their support.  We are looking forward to working with Flin this year on our new adventure.