TY Camping & Kayaking Trip

Last week Transition Years- accompanied by their teachers Mr. Eimhin Griffith, Mr. Mark Ward and Mr Mark Hodgins- participated in an overnight camping trip to Shannon Adventure Centre. This trip is an integral part of TY experience and the students get to spend time bonding together and experiencing the fantastic environment around them. In Roosky, the students enjoyed water activities such as canoeing, pier jumping and mud sliding.  
Their trip commenced with a cycle from the school to the Adventure Centre – almost thirty-three kilometres long.  When they got there, they grabbed a bite to eat, got changed and began to participate in the water activities. They had warm showers after and changed into dry clothes. Then they packed all their clothes, food and other essentials into waterproof bags and kayaked out to the island. 

They worked together to build a huge, open sided tents which allowed them to social distance and the circulation of plenty of fresh air.  
As the dark drew in, students gathered sticks and branches and lit a fire. They sat around the fire for hours exchanging funny stories and telling the group more about themselves. Time flew by as they were having a brilliant time, and it was well after midnight when they all fell asleep. 

 Students had no access to phone or social media,  this ensured everyone communicated with each other directly – without having their heads glued to their phones! This made the night much more sociable. 
Many thanks to Noel Feeley for providing students with bikes. A huge thanks to the instructors and the Shannon Adventure Centre, and of course Mr. Mark Ward, and Mr. Eimhin Griffith for organizing it. Despite Covid restrictions, TYs were still able to enjoy fantastic team bonding activities in a fabulous setting – all without leaving the county! 

Article written by Senan Lambe, TY