Mentoring Walk

Mentoring Walk

Last Thursday, a class of First Year students, together with their Transition Year mentors availed of the sunny afternoon to take a walk around  Loughnanane Park.  


The aim of the walk was to introduce First Years in a fun and informal environment to their TY mentors. This initiative helps ease the transition from primary to secondary. The Transition Years schedule time to meet with their First-Year partners on a regular basis, as well as being available to them whenever they have questions about everyday issues relating to school life.   The programme ensures that each first year has a friend within the school who can show them the ropes and help them with minor queries. It will also encourage leadership skills within the TYs.  

Students walked around the park, taking in the beautiful scenery, and chattign It was a very enjoyable trip and a great way to strengthen the bonds of friendship between students.  

Many thanks to Ms Aoife Coyle and  Ms Rosie Reale for accompanying students.