Father Joe’s Christmas Message

Father Joe Fitzgerald visited the CBS last week to record a Christmas message of gratitude and hope for the entire school community. In his recording, he referred to the difficult year that we had all endured, and the hardship caused by isolation and social distancing. He sincerely thanked all staff members in the CBS – caretakers, secretaries, SNAs, teachers and management – for continuing to work through the pandemic to ensure that students’ education and wellbeing could be maintained. He thanked parents for their pivotal and ongoing role in protecting their communities. He said that faith meant serviinHe reminded students he reminded students of the real message of Christmas. He said it was a time of thanksgiving for all our blessings, and it served as a reminder to us that we’re not alone. He said that we were called to live out our faith in our actions by caring for others, something which had been most important during the pandemic.  He asked us to have hope in a brighter future.  

Many thanks to Father Joe for his beautiful message, for reminding us of the true meaning of Christmas, and our calling to help others.