Friday January 8th 2021 – Parent and Student Bulletin

Friday January 8th 2021 – Parent and Student Bulletin

Dear Parent and Guardian,

Happy new year to you and all your family.  We are back where I hoped we would never return. Huge daily COVID numbers and a national lockdown. Yes, the vaccine is on our horizon.  And yes, we know what we have to do. However, this does not make it any easier. To our parents who are working on the front line, you are all in my thoughts and prayers. To everyone affected by this virus, or know someone who is affected, please know you have the communities support.

Our own health, mental and physical, is so important. In particular, and I spoke of it in a previous bulletin to you, the wellbeing of our students is foremost in my thoughts.  We all know it is a unique moment in time, and there is no doubt more anxiety in the air. I think there’s a balancing act for all of us to raise our game regarding keeping ourselves and all we meet safe, while also having a patient, calming and positive attitude toward those around us!

We all deal differently with stress and different techniques help different people! I like to remind myself that I can only control so much and not to worry unduly about all that is outside my control!


Following a meeting and contacts with the school management bodies and teacher unions yesterday afternoon, government has decided that teaching for all our students will be conducted remotely from Monday next, pending further engagement with the relevant parties.

Once again, we are to implement a school-wide system of remote teaching and learning.  Thankfully, we are in a very good space regarding IT development in the school and our on-line learning platform, Office 365.  Our students are both competent and confident in the use of Teams and there should be no issue with any of them accessing material and submitting their work on line to their teachers.  Any student who is having difficulty with their Team account please contact Mr. Kevin Scollan as he will be here on Monday to rectify any issues.  Any parent wishing to contact the school re their son’s password and/or email addresses please do not hesitate to contact the school on or indeed with any concern or issue.

Every student is now well versed in Office 365 and Teams and there should be no issue with on-line learning.  The school will have VS ware set up again so that you can see how your son is engaging on line with his teachers.   Further information will be sent to all parents and students next week and what is expected for remote learning engagement.

I will keep updated with information I receive from the Department of Education and Science especially in regard to information regarding our Leaving Certificate students.  Your teachers will be in contact with you regarding arrangements for the completion of course work.  For 6th year students I will be posting any LC news, updates and information on your 6th year folder on Teams.


1st and 2nd year Students – Collection of School Books

On Monday January 11th you will be able to come to the school to collect your books from your respective classrooms:

  • 1st years from 9am – 11am
  • 2nd years from 11.15am – 1pm


The following is important to note, but if in doubt please do not travel to the school:

  1. Only travel to the school if you are feeling well AND symptom free.
  2. Do not travel to the school if you have been contact traced or have come in contact with a known COVID case.
  3. Wear a mask, sanitise your hands before and after, and AVOID ALL CONTACT WITH OTHER STUDENTS. THIS IS NOT AN OPPORTUNITY TO SOCIALISE.
  4. DO NOT attend the school if you have returned from BRITAIN or SOUTH AFRICA in the past 14 DAYS

  1. Do not attend school next week if you have returned from any other country in the previous 14 days, unless you have followed the HSE advice and have received a negative PCR test.

Wishing you all a safe weekend – Keep well and positive!!

Le gach dea-ghuí,

Fiona Gallagher