Martin Mulkerrins Talk

Martin Mulkerrins Talk

Martin Mulkerrins, Senior Handball Champion, spoke to TY students last week about his experience playing handball at the highest level, his approach to fitness, strength and conditioning and nurturing a growth mindset. He also described his role within Teagasc Speaking about his role as a lecturer with Teagasc, Mountbellew. He gave a very engaging talk about the challenges of training, lecturing and farming, and shared some insights into how a positive ‘can-do’ mindset helps him to accomplish his goals.

He mentioned his great affinity for Roscommon and the large amount of time that he has spent in the town, and he was delighted to speak to CBS Roscommon students. Thank you to Martin for delivering such a fantastic presentation, and to Mr Griffith for organising.

Martin Mulkerrins speaking to Mr Griffith and TY students last week

Students practicing samba drums with Music Generation