Virtual Meeting for Incoming First Year Students

Virtual Meeting for Incoming First Year Students

A virtual welcome meeting was held for Incoming First Year students and their parents last Tuesday evening to welcome them to the school and give them a flavour of day-to-day life in the CBS.  The meeting – held over the Teams platform – was accessible to all sixth-class boys who will be attending the CBS from the end of August onwards, along with their parents.  

Principal Fiona Gallagher welcomed the students and thanked them for choosing the CBS as the next step in their educational journey. She also acknowledged the incredibly difficult circumstances that the group had been through. First Year Year Head Ms Buckley also addressed the group, helping them to allay any fears or uncertainties they may have been experiencing. She spoke about what than can expect when they come through the doors of the CBS at the end of May, the pastoral care systems in place to ensure that all students settle in and make friends amongst their year and class groups. She briefly outlined the TY mentoring initiative and the Wellbeing programme that are part of First Year in the CBS, as well as outlining the additional safety measures in place to keep everyone healthy and well. 

 Ms Flynn outlined the Junior Cycle subjects on offer in the school, and gave an overview of the new Junior Cycle programme. She simplified the new grading system for them, and explained the terms that they will soon be seeing on their coursework and exams. Ms Flynn also assured them of the continuous support that both parents and students would receive along the way in terms of subjects and assessments. Ms Ganley spoke to them about the emphasis placed on languages in the CBS and outlined the practical learning elements they can expect to experience in French and Spanish classes in Junior Cycle. She mentioned some of the extra-curricular activities in the school ranging from sport to debating. 

 Mr Scollan described the school’s state of the art IT platform, and the benefits that students will be able to derive from it. He also arranged to set Sixth class student with school email addresses and access to Office Teams prior to coming into the CBS so that they can begin to familiarise themselves with its various features. Deputy Principal Mr McGarry also welcomed students and outlined the school’s reporting system and how VS Ware is used to communicate with parents on issues such as attendance and behaviour. He encouraged parents to check in on the system regularly and to contact the school if they had any additional questions or concerns.  

Ms Gallagher finished up by outlining the return to school dates for students and encouraging them to seize the day, embrace the opportunities set forth for them, and welcoming them into the school community. The presentation shown on the night is available on the school’s website