A Farewell Celebration by the staff and students of CBS Roscommon for Ms. Gallagher

Farewell Words from Ms. Gallagher
Friday September 17th 2021
Words don’t express well enough what these years have meant to me. Eight years – a significant
part of my life.

“. . . so much is unfolding, that must complete its gesture. . . so much is in bud” (Denise

Sowing is about believing that there is a time for everything. It is our task to carry out our work
without ceasing, never knowing where the seed will take root, never giving up. It is a slow and
arduous task involving a process of waiting and waiting in hope, with conviction and with
expectation, in an age of immediacy and instant results.

I hope that our school will always be happy place to be and a good place to work and a good place
for students and welcoming to all. CBS Roscommon is a. . .
• A community of excellence
• A community of care
• A community of standards
• A community of expectation
• A happy community

I will always have a fondness for CBS Roscommon and the people I have met in this time. I’ve met some wonderful people over the years, treasure the memories and the friendship very deeply. But life is always changing…………..

Deep thanks to you for all your support and friendship in a challenging but rewarding role. All I
have done has been for the good of the school.
I want to wish you all the very best for the future.

I want to especially congratulate Mr. Kevin Scollan as newly appointed principal of CBS
Roscommon. All of us bring out our own styles of leadership and I know that Mr. Scollan and Mr. Ferguson have the personalities, expertise, and work ethic to serve our school well.

An intimate, powerful, and inspiring memoir Becoming the former First Lady of the United
States Michelle Obama says:
The most successful people I know have figured out how to live with criticism, to lean on the
people who believe in them, and to push onward with their goals.

Important to end well and begin well – there is a time for everything. To highlight the positive,
the uplifting, the good, to let go of the negative, the tough times and to start afresh, anew ..

So míle buíochas – I will miss you, but I’m not that far away – and I am looking forward with a
mixture of excitement and anxiety to the next stage of my professional career.

Mind yourselves lads and take care of yourselves – always look out for one another.
Thank you again…….
Ms. Fiona Gallagher

Ms Gallagher’s Farewell Speech
FRIDAY September 18th 2021

Good afternoon everyone – I’ve been asked, on behalf, of the Student Council to say a few
words to mark the end of Ms. Gallagher’s tenure in our school.

When I started secondary school Ms. Gallagher was already a few years into her role as
Principal, so to me, it seemed like she’d always been here. To be honest, to imagine CBS without
you is almost incomprehensible. However, in life, there is always change and as human-beings
we tend to adapt quite quickly. I’ve no doubt you will settle in very quickly to your new
appointment and that Mr. Scollan will continue on your good work here in CBS.

To us as students, you have always given us your time, when anyone knocked at your door
you would immediately welcome the student and nothing was so important that it took
precedence over your students and that is what really makes the difference to students.

You have also been a huge advocate of student voice and have been committed to our
work as a Student Council over the years which we truly appreciate. On behalf of the entire
student body I thank you whole heartedly for your kindness, patience and professionalism over
the last six years and I wish you every success as you embark on a new chapter of your career.

Before I conclude, I would also like to take this opportunity if I may, on behalf of the entire student body to congratulate Mr. Ferguson on his appointment as Deputy Principal and Mr. Scollan as Principal.
Thank you and best wishes for the future.
Luke Stephens
Headboy, 2021 – 2022

Past Pupil Patrick Fannon remembers Ms. Gallagher
My name is Patrick Fannon and I was a student at CBS Roscommon from 2012- 2018. During my
time, I had the pleasure of having Ms. Gallagher for 5 out of my 6 years – so myself and Fiona go
way back. So here I am in the CBS again, but this to acknowledge all of the wonderful work Ms.
Gallagher has done for myself and all the current past pupils of CBS Roscommon during her time here.

I can remember being a small 2nd year student on Ms. Gallagher’s arrival to CBS Roscommon. Like any good teacher, she knew to put her foot down, always knowing she could release the pedal, and she did when she really got to know us! Her own disadvantage was, we could hear the clipping of the heels before she arrived, which gave us the time to put on our angel faces!

During my time in 6th year as Head Boy, I had the opportunity to work in tangent with Ms.
Gallagher, and it was then, that I really appreciated and learnt of all the hard work she did behind the scenes. From policy making and day to day operations to school trips and functions, Ms. Gallagher was always at the helm. Six clueless lads including myself were assigned to run the Grad committee, and it would have been disaster if Ms. Gallagher had not stepped in and watchedour every move! It is fair to say we probably would not have had a grad without her!

Any year in school can be a stressful time for a student, and in particular the exam years.
However, Ms. Gallagher made it her duty to make sure that everyone was coping ok. She went
beyond her role as educator, Ms. Gallagher genuinely cared for each individual student and
regularly asked me: “Patrick how are all the lads keeping, are they any issues?”

I was actually taking to Ms. Gallagher on the phone a few weeks ago and still after all this time,
she was asking for different past pupils, how they were getting on and what they were up to.
Hundreds of pupils have passed through the school, but still her genuine interest and care for
each of the pupils remains.

I am currently in my final year of Physical Education and Maths in UL training to be a teacher, and a lot of the reason I chose the career, is down to my own experience in the CBS and the positive atmosphere that Ms. Gallagher fostered. I hope to carry all the values I learnt from you and tll the teachers here into my teaching career.

It is no doubt that your legacy will live on and will have an ever-lasting impact on both the school and more importantly, the pupils. Further, I want to take this opportunity to wish Mr. Scollan & Mr. Ferguson the very best in their respective roles – and no doubt you’ll fill the big high heel shoes that Ms. Gallagher has left behind.

So finally, Ms. Gallagher, on behalf of all the past pupils, I want to say thank you.

Thank you for giving us the foundations to start the next chapter of our lives and thank you for
filling our past with wonderful memories. I wish you all the best in your future ventures, but just
a word of caution…. Remember where your heart lies if CBS Roscommon and Presentation College Headford ever meet on the football pitch!!
Patrick Fannon
Head Boy 2017 – 2018