CBS Students attend WorldWise Conference
42865308-20a7-4a4e-815b-e958d90610e9A number of CBS students and their teacher attended the WorldWise Global Schools Annual Conference 2016 which took place in Thomond Park, Limerick last Thursday, April 16th. The aim of the conference is to promote Development Education within schools, and to give students a formal structure and framework to nurture and celebrate the work that is being done on engaging with local and global development issues. It was an informative and exciting event for all who attended. The school also received its first Global Passport for emerging engagement with Development Education. The Award is a self-assessed and externally-audited accreditation for Development Education that is open to all post-primary schools in the Republic of Ireland. It offers a framework of support to assist the integration of Development Education into schools, providing recognition and validation for this work.