SVP Talk for TYS

Last Thursday, Helen Ralph, a representative from the society of St Vincent de Paul visited the CBS and spoke to students the organisation and how they help people in different communities. Helen spoke about what the SVP does, the aims of the organisation, its founder and how they raise awareness for people in need. She spoke in particular about happens in the west of Ireland as she represents Mayo Roscommon and Galway.

Helen gave an in-depth into the various different ways that SVP help out low-income families, and those experiencing poverty.  She spoke about the practical things they can do to help families access education. For example, if a child can’t go on a school trip, they can help contribute to it, ensuring that they do not miss out on educational opportunities. They can help students in third level education access laptops.  They also help out by offering food donations, and help people who are facing homelessness. 

Students discovered that they only do two fundraisers a year. These include church gates collections and the food donations at Christmas. They also discovered ways that they can help raise awareness about the work carried out by SVP, and how they can help. 

The lads found the talk very beneficial and interesting and they have pledged to help out in any way they can. 

Many thanks to Mr. Griffith,  TYCoordinator, for organising the talk, and to Helen Ralph for a very informative talk.  (Article written by Dara Kedian, TY).