Transition from Primary to Secondary – Support Systems
The Care Team
The care team consists of a core group of key personnel whose role is to identify and support students who may be experiencing difficulties either in school or at home.  Teachers may make a referral to the Care Team.  The Care Team provides supports which aim to alleviate any difficulties the student may be experiencing.  The Care team meets on a weekly basis with the Principal and Deputy Principal.
School Guidance Counsellor
CBS Roscommon has a full time school guidance counsellor who is available to students to provide educational and career guidance.  In addition, the guidance counsellor is also responsible for counselling (personal, career, educational), psychological testing, career information management and engaging in vocational preparation with students.
Students may be referred to the counsellor if they are experiencing difficulties or they may choose to visit the counsellor themselves. This service is confidential and students are encouraged to attend a session with the counsellor if they have experienced a family bereavement, bullying or difficulties in school or at home.
Learning Support
The learning support department supports students identified with learning difficulties or special educational needs through the allocation of resource hours or SNA’s to individual students.  Parents are regularly informed of their son’s progress and the school has excellent links with the local SENO coordinator and NEPS psychologists.