Anti- Bullying Charter – CBS Roscommon

Right I have the right to be safe in school
Responsibility I have a responsibility to make our school a safe and secure place for others


Rights Responsibilities
I have a right to be I have the responsibility to ensure that
Physically safe P Others are physically safe P
Expect my property to be safe in school P The property of others is safe P
Free from all forms of verbal abuse P Others are free from verbal bullying P
Free from extortion P Others are free from extortion P
Free from emotional bullying P Others are free from emotional bullying P
Free from all hurtful remarks, regarding person, religion, culture, sexuality, ethnicity P Others are free from hurtful remarks regarding person, religion, culture and ethnicity P
Free from lies about me on the internet P To never bear false witness on the internet and never “like” a lie P
Free from aggression online and not to be judged on the internet P To avoid aggression on line – try not to be judgemental P
Feel safe online P To promote behaviour that keeps everyone safe online P
To dignity online P To respect your dignity and the dignity of others on the internet P
To be free from swearing, vulgarities or inappropriate language online P To avoid swearing, using vulgarities or any other inappropriate language on the internet P