Student Council

Our Students’ Council gives students an active voice and platform in the decision making of our school. We promote active engagement between our student body and board of management, representatives from our council meet with our school board over the course of the school year.


  1. The aim of the student council is to act as a bridge between students, staff and the board of management. This relationship needs to consist of mutual respect and trust at all times.
  1. The council will be spearheaded by the head boy and deputy head boy with Ms. Hoare , liaison teacher acting as facilitator.
  1. Depending on numbers, circumstances and volume of council work the students have the right to form sub-committees to report back to the student council.
  1. Meetings: normally meetings will be held on average every 4 weeks. An agenda to be drawn up beforehand and 5 days notice given in respect of any meeting.
  1. Members may be removed due to acts of indiscipline.
  1. A copy of the constitution is to be given to the members of the council – a two-thirds majority needed to decide upon acceptance of the constitution or changes made to it.
  1. The council meetings shall be conducted on different days so that the senior students especially would not lose valuable class time in one subject more than another.
  1. Depending on circumstances the constitution can be changed to suit changing conditions.
  1. A minimum of 10 student council members must be present for the council to be able to conduct a meeting.


Student Council Members 2016/17

6th Year

  • Theo Mc Guinness
  • Seán Kelly
  • Rónan O’ Malley

5th Year

  • Oisín Stephens
  • Peter Mc Conn


  • Tim Lambe
  • Deane Gallagher

3rd Year

  • Adam Hegarty
  • Simon Harkins
  • Daire Mc Donald

2nd Year

  • Jamie Finnegan
  • Michael Corcoran

1st Year

  • Evan Smyth
  • Joseph Farrell
  • Yasmin Machigov