Anti-Bullying Day


The 4th of November marked UNESCO International Day Against Violence and Bullying at School, including Cyberbullying. In celebration of this day, CBS students were busy making posters and visual images to reiterate the school’s stance on bullying. The created images to reflect the school’s zero tolerance stance on bullying. Announcements were made Teams messages were sent, and classes were given on the importance of respect for all, and demonstrating that respect is at the heart of our ethos, permeating all aspects of school life. The Students Council created a display to show that we must respect, tolerate and accept one another, and to highlight the fact that we are blessed to live in a democratic society where we ALL have a voice. They urged their fellow students to speak up for what is right and to wear their school crest with pride. Ms Reale made an announcement to students, telling them ‘You are all equal, cherish the gift of life you’ve been given and treat others as you, yourself would like to be treated. Let’s join together in making our school a safe and happy place to be. Acceptance and tolerance are also core values that we must also strive to nurture in our daily interactions with one another. Always be kind, always be respectful and above all, always be true to yourself.’ Thank you to Ms Reale and the Students Council for championing Anti-Bullying Day in the school.