Rules & Regulations regarding the Provision of Supervised Evening Study 2015-16

  • Priority will be give to 3rd and 6th year students.
  • A pilot homework study club will be available for 1st year students Monday to Thursday. A maximum of 25 students will be accommodated.
  • All students are required to have their journal on their desk for recording attendance.
  • All students must be in their seats by 3.55 p.m. on days Monday to Thursday and 3.25 p.m. on Friday.  Any student attempting to enter study after this time will be refused entry.
  • No eating is allowed and only bottled water is permitted.
  • Students are expected to have all their books and materials to hand as sharing of materials are not permitted. 
  • Mobile phones must be powered off during study.  Failure to do this will result in confiscation of the phone.
  • If on the rare occasion that a student cannot attend study, a note signed by a parent/guardian must be handed to the study supervisor before study starts or on the student’s return to school outlining the reason for his absence.
  • Students are to remain in their seats at the end of the study session until otherwise instructed by their supervisor.
  • Before leaving study students must ensure that their desk and the area around it are clean and free of rubbish.
  • Students who persistently misbehave during study will be removed from study for the rest of that term, with no refund given.
  • Students may only go the toilet with their supervising teacher’s permission and must sign a record book when both leaving study and when returning.
  • A roll call will be taken at the start of study each evening by the supervising teacher and students’ journals will be stamped to indicate attendance. Parents can view this in their students’ journals as an indicator of attendance. 
  • Students are expected to abide by the instructions of their supervising teacher at all times.
  • All monies received will be receipted and this receipt must be attached to the students’ journal.
  • The school’s Code of Behaviour and Mobile Phone policy will operate during evening study.
  • Every effort will be made to facilitate evening study every evening.  In the event of this not happening a text message will be sent home and students will be informed a day before.

Homework Policy
Homework is an essential to reinforce the teaching and learning which has taken place in the classroom.  All homework assignments must be attempted and completed to the best of the students’ ability and to the satisfaction of the subject teacher.  Parents / Guardians are asked to sign the student journal each day to ensure homework has been done.
Role of Student:

  1. All students are required to complete their homework on time and to an acceptably high standard.
  2. Each student must have the official school homework journal and record homework at the end of each class period.
  3. The journal is an integral part of the student’s record in the school and may be inspected at any time.  It must not be defaced.
  4. Each student must have a homework / study plan and record this in journal.
  5. It is the students’ responsibility to get homework if they are at a match or out of the class on a school related matter.

Role of Teacher:

  1. To assign relevant homework, taking into account age, ability and time available to student and number of subjects being studied.
  2. To monitor homework.
  3. To communicate any concerns in relation to homework to parents through the School Journal.
  4. To give adequate time to take down homework at end of class into the student journal.
  5. To give a reasonable amount of time for completion of longer homework assignments.

Role of Parent:

  1. Allocation of adequate and regular time for study is a priority.
  2. To provide suitable study facilities for the student.
  3. To monitor and sign homework journal on a weekly basis.
  4. Reasons for non-presentation of homework should be recorded in journal by parent.
Minimum time Daily / incl. weekend Total Weekly
First Year 1½ hrs. 9 hrs.
Second Year 2 hrs. 12 hrs.
Third Year 3 hrs. 18 hrs.
Fourth Year 2 hrs. 12 hrs.
Fifth Year 3 – 4 hrs. 18 – 24 hrs.
Sixth Year 3 – 4 hrs. 18 – 24 hrs.