The school journal acts as both a reference book for students and parents and as a daily record of homework to be done.  It is designed to help students organise their work.  It is not a private diary and should be seen by parents as well as students.
Students should note the following instructions:

  • Each student is expected to use his Journal, which is provided by the school at a cost. Journals are regularly monitored and are available to all teachers should they wish to communicate with parents and vice versa.
  • A class teacher or tutor will communicate initially through the journal if a student fails to present written assignments or has failed repeatedly to complete learning assignments. A student who, for health or domestic reasons, is unable to complete his homework shall present the relevant teacher(s) with a written note to this effect from her parent(s)/guardian(s).
  • The school journal must be kept free of graffiti or any other offensive material. If a student either defaces or loses his journal he will be required to replace it immediately at a cost.
  • The school journal must be available at all times for inspection by school management and teachers.
  • All homework assigned, both written and oral, must be recorded in the journal daily.
  • All notes from parents should be written in the journal.
  • Defacing the journal in any way is not permitted.  The removal of any page from the journal will result in detention.
  • Students are not allowed to write on or deface the diary of another student.
  • Loss of a journal will incur detention and a new journal must be purchased immediately from the school office.
  • Students who forget their journal on two occasions will incur lunchtime detention.
  • Parents are to sign their son’s school journal every Thursday evening.


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