BT Young Scientist Press Brief

CBS Transition year students Brian O’Connor, Adam Murphy and TJ Smyth have been selected to compete in the Virtual Finals of the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition in January 2022.  Their research project is ‘Investigating the student experience of learning during a pandemic’. This project was one of 550 selected projects out of a total of 1400 applications and is a true testament to both their unique concept and their dedication as young scientists. 

As part of their project, the TYs surveyed a large number of students from various year groups about their experience of learning during a pandemic. They are in the process of compiling and investigating all data, but so far the key findings have indicated some students found the process more difficult because of the social aspect of school.

Others found it quite easy and had no problem keeping up with the work. Of the students surveyed. All students surveyed had access to a smart phone. A much smaller cohort had access to laptops.  Only half of the surveyed students had access to reliable Internet. The researchers found this astounding, and was a major factor in their experience of learning during the pandemic, as it made live classes much more difficult. We wish Brian, Adam and TJ the very best in the competition and wish to thank their teacher Ms Ann Marie O’Callaghan for her work with the students.