When all else fails and you simple cannot get your head around making desserts this is the one for you.  If you can whip cream you can make this.
For those of you that have tried the meringue roulade in the book you’ll have no problems with this one. In fact, you’ll be able to keep all the little broken up pieces of meringue and use them in this. An English classic that traditionally is made with strawberries it was served at Eton College at the annual cricket game against the pupils of Harrow School.
Bananas were also used and in fact initially it was made without meringue but that came about around the 1970’s.
As time has gone on and as I often say, there are no rules in cooking. If you want to put your own little twist on things always feel free to do so. If you have any fruit left over or about to go off simply pick up some cream, meringue nests and away you go. It can be strawberry eton mess, banana eton mess, blackberry eton mess or simply everything I found sweet in my fridge eton mess.
Mixed Berry Eton Mess

  • 1 meringue nest (store bought is fine or one you made yourself)
  • 6 raspberries
  • 4 strawberries
  • 6 blueberries
  • 6 blackberries
  • 200ml cream
  • the scrapings of half a vanilla pod or 1 drop of vanilla essence


  • Add the vanilla bean to the cream and whip to stiff peak
  • Add the cream to a bowl, break the meringue on top
  • Cut up the strawberries and add along with all the remaining berries. Keep the rest whole
  • Using a spoon mix the ingredients together gently
  • Spoon into a glass or bowl and serve
  • Serves one.

Simple add a little extra fruit and meringue to feed some friends. The cream quantity should be enough for 3-4 portions.