If you don’t have the option of a full width Page template in your theme, it’s easy enough to create your own. You’ll need to be able to access your theme’s folder on your server, and so if you can do that, this should be a fairly easy process.
We’ll go through it in five steps.
Step 1: Create a New Template File
On your server, find your theme’s folder (wp-content/themes/your-theme).
Create a new file and name it something unique and appropriate (e.g. full-width-page.php). Remember to end it with the .php extension.
After that, find the file named page.php. Open that, copy the contents, and then go back to the file you just created (full-width-page.php), and paste those contents into your new file.
Step 2: Remove the Sidebar
Next you’ll want to remove the sidebar. Search for the following code and take it out.
Step 3: Replace the Div ID
Next, you’ll need to find the Div ID for the content and change it, so we can style it the way we like.
More than likely, the div ID for the content will look like this:

Change the name “content” to something unique and identifiable like “content-fullwidth.”

Save the file, and you’re done with the template file.

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